Micro-Electronics / Semiconductor & Optics

The high tech industry sector demands the highest level of filtration possible. The aim is to remove sub-micron particulate and airborne molecular contamination to ensure highest possible yield and reliability. Failure to meet this is extremely costly in production – rejects are costly. Triple Air offer ceiling systems, filtration and lighting as a fully integrated packaged solution. We have partnered leaders in this field of technology to offer solutions to optimise protection from manufacturing processes and external elements.

TripleAir provide products forindustry Including

  • Data Centres
  • Flat Panel Display manufacture
  • Hard Disk Drive
  • Semiconductor

Product ranges include:

  • Particulate Pre filtration
  • PTFE Hepa and UlpaFIlters
  • AMC Filtration – Pleated Carbon panels with Nano particulate layer and adsorbents for the removal of VOC’s, acids, bases and dopants.
  • Cleanroom Ceiling Grid systems
  • Fan Filter units
  • Teardrop luminaires