HICAP filters

EPA and HEPA filters designed for higher air velocity applications where E11 – H14 filter classifications are required. For use in Safe change, In-line Housings and final HVAC filtration where clamping gives a positive seal. Available in EPA and HEPA grades with a deeper frame construction and mini pleat Vee formation design, HICAP filters can manage air flow volumes up to 4000/5000m³/h.

Manufactured in Holland with state of the art, digital technology, they offer reliability to the most critical applications and environments, including Pharmaceutical manufacturing, Laboratories, Semi-Conductor/Micro Electronics manufacturing, healthcare and other sectors which require the confidence of reliable filtration products.

Our filters are tested to EN 1822and ISO 29463 manufacturing standards and meet ISO14644-3and HTM-03 on site classification.



  • Higher air volume applications
  • Safe Change, Inline Housings and HVAC final filtration
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing, laboratories, semiconductor and healthcare
  • Aluminium, stainless or galvanized steel frame construction