TripleAir Technology is characterised by superior quality, which is precisely matched to the needs of the customer and the specific application. We achieve this through a process of continual product development and the use of high-quality materials to enable high efficiencies and reliability.


We also recognise the need to utilise the complementary resourcesof our Management and Health and Safety systems for the service, quality and environmental measurements that underpin our business.


TripleAir Technology Ltd are certified for the provision and installation of High Efficiency Air filtration systems, products and technical support throughout the UK and Globally. ISO 9001:2015 defines our commitment to creating products and services in accordance with pre-defined standardsto help us better serve the needs of our customers.


TripleAir use recyclable products and biodegradable materials in our manufacturing and packaging. We wrap our filters in non-shedding kraft paper reducing the amount of plastic waste on site, which forms part of our policy to reduce the use of plastic. The TripleAir filter manufacturing facility utilises solar power and is carbon neutral. We also have an environmental policy published in 2019.