Fan Filter Units

Triple Air Fan Filter units are recognised as one of the most energy efficient, quietest currently available in the Cleanroom market and are a cost-effective alternative to traditional AHU supplied conditioned air offering a modular, portable and flexible design for high volume and laminar air flow applications.

TripleAir supply a range of controls solutions to provide the user with visual layout, individual fan control and feedback of speed and fan failure to ensure the system is running at optimum efficiency levels. Further energy savings can be gained when using night time/holiday settings. Adapter frames ensure our Fan Filter Units integrate with all ceiling types.

Fan Filter Units

TripleAir energy efficient Fan filter units available in a range of sizes and materials of construction. Available with standard or radical fans.

Adapter Frames

TripleAir adapter frames provide compatibility with all ceiling types, options for filter change and the installation of air distribution grilles.


TripleAir offer a range of products to control from a single fan filter to networks of fan filter units with integration to site BMS systems.