Housings & Frames

TripleAir filter housings are manufactured totolerances demanded for critical filtration components. Designed for consistent performance, they are rigorously tested to required standards such as ISO 10648, ISO 14644, EN 15722 and EN 1886 to guarantee the required leakage classes.

From holding frames to fully scannable Hepa filter housings, TripleAir provide a broad portfolio of products for a range of applications.

Safechange filter housings predominantly selected for exhaust air in Biosafety Laboratories, Hospitals and applications that require operator and environment safe filter change.

Inline Duct filter housings, mainly used in the supply air, offer many different filter options for particulate filtration at higher airflows.

Terminal filter housings with a range of air distribution devices for lower airflows suitable for a wide range of facilities including Laboratories, CAT III & IV areas, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical production areas offering GMP compliant terminal solution.

Filter Holding Frames

Front loading and pad holding frames are used to hold high air volume HVAC filters and media in AHU’s and ducting systems. They can be mounted individually or arranged to create filter banks.

In Line Housings

In Line filter housingsare highly flexible and can be used to supply filtered air in a wide variety of applications. Manufactured in modular form which gives a wider range of airflow options and configurations.

Safe Change Units

Safe change Units are used to safely exhaust the air from biosafety laboratories, hospitals and applications where contamination-free filter change (Bag in Bag Out) is required, and the safety of atmosphere and maintenance staff is a priority.

Terminal Housings

TerminalHousings are airtight ceiling or wall mountedmodules designed to holdHepa filters and providefinal connection to the HVAC ducting systems at the plenum/room junction. Designed for use in turbulent mixing cleanrooms and controlled environments.