Membrane Filters

Membrane filters (which includes both Nano and PTFE media) provide an alternative to the traditional glass and synthetic type media, offering the same high particulate efficiency with the added benefits of lower pressure drops, negligible off-gassing and a high resistance to corrosive environments.

Lower Pressure drops equate to lower energy consumption reducing both carbon footprint and energy costs. Triple Air have partnered with specialist manufacturers to provide a range of products suitable for critical industries and applications. These partnerships give us flexibility of supply, the ability to supply UL rated products and offer anextensive range of product construction and designs.

Sectors include microelectronics, semi-conductor, wafer fab, wet bench, pharmaceutical, healthcare and food & beverage.


The V formation mini pleat filter is used for higher air volume applications. Without a header frame it is enclosed in a solid casing for a positive clamping to ensure a leak free seal. Available in H12 and H14 gradesfor HVAC secondary and final filtration.

PTFE Cleanroom Panel Filters

Cleanroom panel filters with PTFE membrane areavailable in a range of extrusion types and sizes with grades from H12 – U16 available.With a UL approved optionour cleanroom panel filters offer reliability to the most critical applications and environments.

Nano Compact Filters

Lightweight design with a synthetic pleated antimicrobial media for a wide range of applications including Pharmaceutical,microelectronics,Semiconductor,Healthcare and Commercial applications. 100% humidity resistant, with a filter classification up to F9. The V-shaped rigid S-COMP filter is often used as a secondary filter stage clean process applications or as a final filter stage for commercial applications.