EPA, HEPA & ULPA Filters

Triple Air’s high performance filter solutions provide clean air that is safe for humans, protects critical manufacturing processes and increases product safety in the Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and Medical Devices industries. Our filtration products prevent contamination in research labs, capture airborne pathogens and contagions where biosafety levels 1 – 4 are required, and eliminate infectious airborne contaminants in critical areas of the healthcare sector. HEPA filters provide manufacturing reliability and improved yield in semi-conductor and micro-electronics manufacturing. Our filters are tested to EN 1822, ISO 29463 and ISO16890 manufacturing standards and meet ISO14644-3, GMP and HTM-03 on site classification.

Our customers trust Triple Air for quality and reliability, endorsed by independent test houses our EPA, HEPA and ULPA filters are manufactured to the highest standards using the latest manufacturing automation equipment. Our filters ensure compliance in the most critical areas where clean air, whether turbulent or laminar flow is a design requirement.

Cleanroom Panel Filters

HEPA and ULPA panel filters are designed for terminal filtration in applications ranging from pharmaceutical cleanrooms, semiconductor fabrication, Healthcare sector to the food and beverage industry.

Hood Filters

HEPA and ULPA Hood filters offer a cost-effective solution for terminal filters at the ceiling/plenum junction, fully disposable with option for room side change filter.

PAK Filters

E10 – U15 mini pleat design filters offer flexible configuration for replacing conventional deep pleat filters. For use in safe change, inline and terminal housings. MDF version where fully incinerable is required

HICAP filters

Designed for higher air velocity applications up to H14 Filter classification. For use in Safechange, In-line Housings and Final HVAC filtration where clamping is required.

H-COMP Compact Filter

For HVAC secondary and final filtration offering high capacity and high efficiency up to H13 filter classification in a light weight, cost-effective construction.