Research & Development

The scientific community is constantly looking to develop new innovative medicines, this process has never been more efficient nor fast. Sterile air is critical to the reliability and integrity ofdevelopment and testing of new compounds when looking for new and improved drugs and treatments. Triple Air have the experience of delivering large projectswhere fast paced critical facilities have been built and commissioned in the recent fight against Covid 19. Whether you require process protection via Hepa filtered air, or personnel protection in biosafety laboratories using our Safe Change filter housing, we have the products and experience to deliver.

TripleAir provide products for use in area’s Including

  • Laboratories
  • Bio-safety laboratories
  • University’s
  • Innovation Centres

Product Ranges include:

  • HEPA filters
  • Safechange (BIBO)
  • Inline Hepa Housings
  • Terminal Hepa Housings
  • Extract Housings and Grilles
  • Fan Filter Units